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There are countless reasons to rely on prescription or over-the-counter medication, including recovering from surgery, treating an infection, or managing pain. While many people assume they are safe, the reality is medications injure people every day.

If you are dealing with a medical injury, you have the opportunity to pursue justice with the help of a personal injury attorney. The prospect of filing a lawsuit against a major corporation might seem intimidating, but a dedicated Sequin dangerous drugs lawyer can guide you through the process.

When Can Patients Sue Pharmaceutical Companies?

Drug companies are obligated to provide products that are not unreasonably dangerous to the public. While having side effects is not enough to render a drug dangerous, it can play a role. These companies must inform the public of the risks associated with their products and provide guidance on how to take them safely.

The failure to warn the public is one of the most common grounds for these lawsuits. Anything from undisclosed side effects to withholding information about how certain demographics are more likely to face serious health issues can result in a claim.

Some medical injuries arise due to insufficient testing. While the federal government requires manufacturers to meet certain standards, some drugs are fast-tracked without extensive tests. This can lead to dangerous and unforeseen side effects or drug interactions that can pose a threat to patients.

Any of these incidents might serve as the basis for a civil lawsuit. Let an experienced Seguin attorney assess the circumstances of the dangerous drug case before exploring personalized legal options.

Possible Damages

Hiring a lawyer in Seguin can be an important first step toward securing fair compensation for a negative drug reaction or a medication injury. The financial awards recovered in these cases can vary, as they depend on many unique factors. While an attorney cannot promise a specific outcome, they can paint a picture for a person of the types of damages that they may seek, including the following examples.

Medical Expenses

Medical costs can add up quickly following a reaction to dangerous drugs. A patient can require additional treatments for the harm caused by the drug as well as the original health condition the drug was supposed to address. One of the most important reasons to seek legal counsel is to secure a settlement that pays both current and future medical costs.

Pain and Suffering

Serious pain can result from an interaction with harmful medication. This could include physical pain or the sensation caused by nerve damage. Although a person’s suffering is subjective, it is possible to recover a monetary award with the help of seasoned legal counsel.

Lost Wages

Medical injuries and illnesses can leave a person unable to work. This might be a short-term issue for some, but for others, it is a lasting threat to their primary source of income. The inability to maintain employment can compound other financial hardships, such as medical bills. Thankfully, a successful lawsuit can recoup these lost wages.

Contact a Seguin Dangerous Drugs Attorney Immediately

The consequences of a harmful medication interaction can be serious and long-lasting. If you are living with these challenges, the pharmaceutical company deserves to be held accountable. Call a Seguin dangerous drugs lawyer today to discuss and evaluate your legal options.

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