Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in New Braunfels

When operating a commercial truck, drivers are trained to pay special attention to their blind spots. Large tractor-trailer trucks are much heavier and taller than other vehicles, which means there are significant blind spots where the trucker has little to no visibility. Blind spot truck accidents in New Braunfels can cause devastating injuries and other losses.

If you were harmed in a collision with a tractor-trailer, speak with our truck accident attorneys about your options. We will begin working on your case right away. When a trucker fails to check their blind spot before changing lanes or turning, they can be held liable.

Causes of Blind-Spot Truck Collisions

As one of the largest states, Texas’ economy relies heavily on commercial trucks to transport goods to and from locations in and out of state. Unfortunately, with so many tractor-trailers on the road, there are risks, including accidents. Blind spots exist in all vehicles, but large trucks have more significant blind spots that truckers and other drivers should be aware of when operating their vehicles. The large area of reduced visibility poses a significant threat to passenger cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

Many blind spot truck accidents are directly related to the trucker’s negligence. Some common reasons a commercial truck driver in New Braunfels may be held responsible for a blind spot crash include:

  • Inadequate blind spot training or education
  • Failure to check all mirrors and surroundings when changing lanes or turning
  • Failure to properly align mirrors to increase visibility
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue
  • Driving under the influence

If you were hurt in a collision with a tractor-trailer, speak with an attorney about pursuing a legal claim against the driver responsible.

Recoverable Damages in Blind Spot Commercial Truck Accidents

Under state law, a victim of a truck accident can pursue compensation from the trucker and their employer if they demonstrate negligence. Recoverable damages could include:

  • Past and future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment
  • Vehicle damage
  • Wrongful death damages

In blind spot truck crash cases, an injured person in New Braunfels may be found to be partially to blame if they were driving in a known area of low visibility. The trucker’s insurance may attempt to limit liability by arguing a person was contributorily negligent. Fortunately, Texas applies the comparative negligence rule when an injured person shares some fault for the crash. This means that if a person is less than fifty-one percent responsible, they can recover compensation. For example, if the driver of the passenger vehicle was found to be thirty percent at fault, they can recover up to seventy percent of their total damages.

Ask a New Braunfels Attorney How They Can Help With a Blind-Spot Truck Collision

After blind spot truck accidents in New Braunfels, you might be wondering what you can do to protect yourself and your legal rights. Those injured often incur significant damages, including medical expenses, lost income, and property damage to their vehicle. An experienced lawyer can advocate for compensation that adequately reimburses you for the harm you sustained.

Truck drivers and their employers are liable to other vehicles on the road if an accident is caused by something like the trucker’s failure to check their blind spot. If you can prove the truck driver acted negligently, you can recover compensation for your injuries. Likewise, trucking companies can be held responsible for their driver’s negligent actions if they fail to properly screen potential drivers, provide adequate training, or otherwise act unreasonably. Discuss your options by contacting our legal team.

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