Teen Driving Accidents in New Braunfels

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting milestone for teenagers, giving them freedom and independence. Unfortunately, drivers aged 16 to 19 are almost three times more likely to sustain severe and fatal injuries in crashes, and it is the leading cause of death for those falling within the age group.

Even the most responsible lack the experience that adult motorists have, which is often a primary contributing factor to collisions. If a young and inexperienced motorist caused an avoidable auto collision, you have the right to collect payment for damages as in any other crash. Speak to a hard-working lawyer experienced with claims for teen driving accidents in New Braunfels if you need help with a case.

Causes of Teen Driver Accidents

Crashes with young drivers can happen for the same reasons as any other accidents, but some of the most common include:

An attorney seasoned in handling lawsuits resulting from New Braunfels teen driving crashes can investigate to collect the essential evidence needed to establish liability.

Holding Parents and Guardians Liable for Damages

Sometimes, the injured person may have the right to financially hold the parents or guardians of teenagers accountable for damages.

Negligent Entrustment

Negligent entrustment is a theory in Texas that allows victims in car wrecks to hold parents and guardians responsible for damages for allowing reckless or incompetent minors to use their car. Specific elements must be present to establish fault, including:

  • The parent owns the vehicle the minor was driving and allowed them to use it
  • The parent knew or should have known the teen was a reckless or incompetent driver
  • The minor’s negligent actions caused the collision
  • The plaintiff sustained damages in the accident

There are also options for collecting payment for property damage under state law.

Texas’ Parental Liability Law

Secondly, parents could be financially responsible for property damage from vehicle collisions under the Texas parental liability law. The Texas Family Code § 41.001 says that if the civil court determines parents failed to exercise their duty to maintain control of the minors’ actions, they could find the parents liable for damages.

To establish fault under the statute, the teen driver must have a history of traffic citations or car accidents. While holding the teens and guardians responsible for damages is an option, that may not be the most effective avenue depending on the case specifics. During an initial consultation, a New Braunfels lawyer skilled in handling cases resulting from teen driving wrecks can review the statutes and answer specific questions.

A New Braunfels Attorney Can Help You Recover After a Teen Driving Accident

Young drivers must ensure they adhere to traffic safety rules and regulations, remain alert, and use caution at all times while behind the wheel. When they fail to adhere to their legal obligations and cause harm to others, they are responsible for covering the damages.

You could be eligible for compensation if a teenager’s carelessness caused a collision and you sustained damages and losses. Speak to an attorney familiar with claims for teen driving accidents in New Braunfels to review your case and options. Call now.

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