Rollover Car Accidents in New Braunfels

Cars roll over when an occurrence interrupts their forward trajectory. You can be forced off the road after a reckless driver cuts you off, or unsecured cargo hauled in a pickup truck can fly into your path. If your vehicle is designed poorly, it can roll easily.

All these scenarios involve others who acted negligently and should be liable for compensating you for your injuries. An experienced attorney can help determine adequate compensation for losses after rollover car accidents in New Braunfels. A dedicated car crash attorney can also fight for you, whether for a fair insurance settlement or jury award.

What to Do During and After a Rollover Collision

Vehicles with higher centers of gravity, such as minivans and SUVs, are more apt to roll. Remember when it happens to turn the steering wheel in the direction in which the car begins to roll. Once the car stops, turn off the ignition and:

  • If possible, exit the door or a broken window carefully
  • Call 911 or ask someone who stops at the scene to call
  • Wait for law enforcement and emergency medical services
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver and witnesses, as it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident when involved
  • Do not apologize to the other driver, and do not verbally assume any blame when speaking with law enforcement before receiving legal advice
  • After medical personnel provide treatment, call a local attorney to explore options for compensation

An injured person can rack up substantial medical bills, and their financial health can be compromised because of lost wages while recovering at home. Our lawyers care about our clients and will collect and interpret the evidence to obtain a suitable settlement or damages award after rollover car crashes in New Braunfels.

Proving Negligence

An attorney establishes a motorist is negligent by proving the motorist had a duty to drive safely, breached that duty, and caused an accident that injured someone else.

The jury can then compensate the injured person for calculable losses and those in which a price tag must be assigned, such as for emotional trauma, disfigurement, pain, and loss of the enjoyment of life and one’s family after New Braunfels rollover car accidents.

At-Fault Drivers and Comparative Negligence

Texas motorists who cause auto collisions are responsible for paying the injured person’s damages, generally through their insurer in this at-fault state. If the case lands in court, the insurers and the defendant’s attorney will also try to blame the injured person for at least part of the accident to minimize an award.

Texas is also a modified comparative negligence state, which means an injured person can still recover damages if they are not more than 50 percent to blame for the accident. The award will be reduced by the percentage of blame the jury assigns to the injured person.

Product Liability Cases

The auto manufacturer, designer, or maker of a flawed part may also be liable to compensate a person injured after a rollover accident. For example, 200 people died and 700 were injured, evidenced in product liability claims that the Ford Explorer rolled over too easily, exacerbated by flawed Firestone tires. Product liability claims can also involve manufacturers who fail to warn consumers about a dangerous condition.

A New Braunfels Rollover Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover

If you are driving down the highway when someone carelessly cuts you off, and you lose control trying to circumvent the other motorist, you could tumble into a ravine in a rollover accident. You will be terrified because you have no control. However, you may be owed compensation to pay your bills and for the trauma you endured.

Our attorneys can fight for you by negotiating with insurers or proving your case in court to get the money you need to recover from your losses. Call now to discuss your options after a rollover car accident in New Braunfels.

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