Distracted Driving Car Accidents in New Braunfels

Distracted drivers pose a significant risk of severe car crashes leading to life-threatening injuries and death. While many actions divert motorists’ attention away from operating vehicles safely, texting and driving is the most significant cause of collisions.

In light of the continued increase in car wrecks caused by distractions, lawmakers and state agencies are working to enact strict regulations prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving and raise awareness of the issue. Schedule a meeting with a diligent lawyer if you have questions about cases of distracted driving car accidents in New Braunfels.

Distracted Driving Is Reckless and Deadly

Countless drivers travel on Texas roads and highways daily, and many place themselves and everyone around them at risk of harm because of distractions. The Texas Department of Transportation raises awareness through a yearly campaign to remind drivers to remain focused and prevent wrecks by putting smartphones away and avoiding other distractions. Some tips from the TDOT include the following:

  • Anything averting the motorist’s eyes or concentration from the safe operation of automobiles or causing them to remove their hands from the steering wheel is highly hazardous
  • Safe motorists make clear to family, friends, and coworkers that they are unavailable while traveling and will return calls and messages after safely reaching their destination
  • Turn cell phones off or place them in airplane mode to eliminate the temptation to check them while behind the wheel
  • When motorists wish to use their smartphones, check maps, eat, or do anything else that diverts safe vehicle operation, they must find a safe location to pull over and stop before completing the action to prevent causing harm to themselves and others

A lawyer skilled with handling cases resulting from New Braunfels distracted driving car crashes can investigate thoroughly to determine the individual’s actions leading up to the traffic event and hold them responsible.

Prevent Crashes by Avoiding Distractions

These days, people are in constant contact with others using portable communication devices and are always in a hurry. While multitasking may be a valuable skill for the home and office, it severely threatens public safety while driving. Studies show that three forms of distractions cause serious car wrecks nationwide, and everyone has a legal duty to prevent harm by avoiding them.

Taking Your Eyes Off the Road

Visual distractions divert people’s eyes from the road and severely threaten roadway safety. Motorists must wait until they stop and turn the car off in a safe location or reach their destination before completing actions such as texting or checking emails.

Removing One or Both Hands From the Steering Wheel

Keeping both hands on the steering wheel is essential for remaining alert and prepared to take quick action to prevent crashes. Therefore, road safety organizations prohibit eating, holding handheld communication devices, or using one or both hands to do anything else while operating vehicles.

Remain Focused While Behind the Wheel

Driving on autopilot, also called highway hypnosis, is a road safety issue in Texas and across the country. Therefore, safe automobile operation requires actively avoiding cognitive distractions, such as reading text messages or driving while angry or tired, to remain alert and prepared to take quick action.

A lawyer skilled in cases of distracted driving car wrecks in New Braunfels can answer specific questions about the laws and recovery claims process during an initial consultation.

Speak to a New Braunfels Attorney About Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Results from studies conducted over the years are alarming, and the number of distracted motorist collisions continues to increase. Looking away from the road for one second or taking other actions that divert your attention from safe driving can have life-altering and fatal consequences.

The collisions are entirely avoidable, making them all the more frustrating. You have every right to hold reckless drivers accountable when they cause you harm. For help with a legal case, meet with a hard-working lawyer seasoned in handling claims for distracted driving car accidents in New Braunfels. Call today.

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