Belton Paralysis Injury Lawyer 

A catastrophic injury can result in paralysis and permanent lifestyle changes. Dealing with the impact of paralysis understandably takes time. And while it is important to heal from an emotional and mental standpoint, it is equally important to investigate your legal options and determine if injury compensation is potentially in your future.

Consult a Belton paralysis injury lawyer if the injury that happened to you could have been prevented and was not your doing. You could receive substantial compensation that does not make up for the injury but allows you to navigate your new life without debt from medical care and related costs. Speak to a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney to determine your legal options.

Types of Paralysis

While localized paralysis affects one part of the body only, such as the arm or leg, general paralysis concerns multiple body parts following spinal cord damage. Examples of localized and general paralysis include:

  • Monoplegia that affects one arm or leg exclusively
  • Hemiplegia that affects one arm and leg on the same size of the body
  • Paraplegia that affects both legs
  • Quadriplegia that affects the arms, hips, and legs

Paralysis has many causes, including health conditions such as post-polio syndrome, neurofibromatosis, birth defects, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and cerebral palsy. However, catastrophic injuries resulting in spinal cord damage can also occur from negligence-related accidents, including birth, auto, slip and fall, and workplace accidents. Traumatic head injuries and acts of violence can also result in paralysis and require an attorney’s representation.

Costs Related to Paralysis Injuries

When a person sustains spinal cord damage and subsequently paralysis, they face a wide variety of medical costs. Some of the most common include initial treatment costs, such as trauma care and spinal surgery. Other healthcare-related expenses include physical, speech, and occupational therapy (rehabilitation), medications such as painkillers and antibiotics, medical equipment, and ongoing medical care.

Additional costs related to catastrophic injuries that attorneys request damages for include home renovations to set up medical equipment and devices, loss of work capacity and income, depression and anxiety, pain and suffering, and strained personal relationships.

How are Catastrophic Injury Cases Proven?

Life-altering injury lawsuits work in the same way as relatively minor personal injury cases. The legal professional must prove the catastrophic injury directly resulted from another party’s negligence, such as a landlord who did not secure a balcony railing, causing a tenant to fall numerous feet and injure their spine. The attorney must also show that the plaintiff was owed duty of care, such as an apartment and balcony safe for occupancy, but did not receive it. Finally, the injured party needs to show that subsequent medical costs and related expenses are because of the catastrophic accident.

Plaintiffs have two years to file personal injury claims of any kind to potentially win damages according to Title 2, Chapter 16, Section 16.002 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

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