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Under federal law, commercial tractor-trailers traveling on interstate highways can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when loaded with cargo and stretch up to 80 feet long, making them the largest vehicles on any road. Unfortunately, the massive size of these trucks also makes them dangerous if not operated safely, as far too many people learn every year through accidents that they bear no responsibility for causing.

If irresponsible behavior by a truck driver or trucking company has left you with severe injuries, scheduling a meeting with a Bee Cave truck accident lawyer is a good first step. With a capable personal injury attorney’s support, you could better understand and utilize your legal right to pursue civil recovery, giving you a better chance of receiving compensation for your losses.

How Negligence Can Cause Commercial Truck Collisions

Like every person who drives a car or operates any other vehicle on public roads, long-haul truckers have a duty under state law to obey all applicable traffic rules, watch out for obstacles and other people nearby, and generally act responsibly. Any truck driver who violates this duty—whether by committing a traffic violation, driving while overly tired, or simply driving too aggressively or carelessly—can be responsible for any harm they cause through a collision.

However, individual truck drivers are not the only people who might bear civil fault for truck crash injuries. In many situations, trucking companies who employ negligent drivers can be held vicariously liable for their employee’s misconduct or directly responsible for actions like forcing drivers to stay on the road longer than federal trucking regulations allow.

Likewise, some commercial vehicle wrecks stem from negligence by third parties other than a trucker or their employer. For example, a mechanic not providing sufficient maintenance on a truck before transit or a supplier that did not secure a truck’s cargo properly can be held accountable for their actions. Guidance from an attorney in Bee Cave can be vital in determining who bears liability for a specific truck collision and taking appropriate action against them.

Recovering Comprehensively Inside Truck Crash Claim Filing Deadlines

Unfortunately, the amount of force semi-trucks can impart on smaller vehicles and their occupants means that accidents tend to cause especially severe injuries, often with lifelong repercussions. Because of that, comprehensive truck wreck claims often account for short-term losses like emergency medical bills and vehicle damage, and various long-term forms of economic and non-economic harm like lost earning capacity and psychological distress.

Even if an incident of this nature causes permanent and debilitating harm, an injured person generally has only two years under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 to start any lawsuit they intend to file. A court will bar an individual completely from getting civil restitution for a particular wreck if they fail to meet the deadline set by this statute of limitations. A seasoned big rig crash lawyer could file a claim before the deadline.

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Truck drivers have an important duty to drive their vehicles safely and in a way that does not endanger other people on public roads. Any driver who does not meet this duty or third party that facilitates a serious roadway accident could be held liable to pay for all injuries and losses.

However, you may have little chance of securing a favorable result for this sort of claim without assistance from a seasoned Bee Cave truck accident lawyer. Call today to learn more about filing a suit.

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