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In addition to obeying traffic laws and being aware of other cars and trucks around them, motor vehicle drivers are expected to look out for and keep a safe distance away from pedestrians on sidewalks, in crosswalks, or anywhere else around an active roadway. Unfortunately, not every driver lives up to this duty of care all the time, leading to collisions with devastating and sometimes even life-threatening consequences.

If you were struck by a negligent driver while walking, you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit, and a seasoned personal injury attorney can help you make the most of a claim. From beginning to end of your legal proceedings, your dedicated Bee Cave pedestrian accident lawyer can ensure your rights are respected and work tirelessly to get you paid fairly for the harm you should never have suffered.

Establishing Fault for a Pedestrian Crash

Much like with other types of automobile accidents, holding a driver legally accountable for striking and injuring a pedestrian typically entails proving the driver was negligent. More specifically, the injured person will need to establish a specific reckless, careless, or illegal act was the main and direct cause of their accident, that the accident likely would not have happened at all without that breach of duty, and that they suffered a physical injury serious enough to need professional medical care as a direct result of that accident.

Depending on the circumstances, it may also be crucial to actively contest allegations that the injured person was partially to blame for their own injuries—for example, because they stepped out into traffic suddenly or were in a crosswalk without a walk signal. As a pedestrian injury attorney in Bee Cave can further explain, any percentage of comparative fault assigned to a person can lead to them missing out on much-needed compensation.

Recovering for Economic and Non-Economic Losses

Fortunately, there are no no-fault laws that restrict the right to file suit or artificial caps placed on how much money an injured person can demand for losses caused by negligence. This means a successful pedestrian accident claim can and should account for the full value of both economic and non-economic losses like:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical bills, plus related expenses for things like assistive equipment and prescription medications
  • Emotional and psychological trauma
  • Lost working capacity and work income
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Personal property damage and loss

A practiced lawyer in Bee Cave can provide more specific information about what damages a particular pedestrian accident victim may be able to recover for, as well as advice on how to estimate the value of expected future losses and how to build a comprehensive claim within applicable filing deadlines.

Contact a Bee Cave Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Assistance

Even at low speeds, a multi-ton car colliding with an unprotected pedestrian is almost guaranteed to cause at least one significant injury. Despite that, holding a negligent driver liable for causing you harm can be far from simple, especially when you try to pursue civil restitution without help from dependable legal counsel.

Representation from a Bee Cave pedestrian accident lawyer can significantly improve your chances of securing a favorable result from your unique claim. Call today for a confidential consultation.

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