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Burns are severe injuries that can cause significant disfigurement and agonizing pain. In some cases, a plaintiff might be left with permanent scars from a high-degree burn. Burns can happen for many different reasons, but if your suffering was caused by a defendant’s negligence, you might be entitled to seek compensation from that responsible party. A catastrophic injury claim targeting an individual or business could win you the monetary damages you need to make a full physical and financial recovery.

If you need assistance in these difficult times, a compassionate Waco burn injury lawyer can outline your rights and help you begin the process of pursuing financial compensation. You deserve someone to figure out what happened and devise a strategy for holding the negligent parties accountable.

Different Sources of Burn Injuries

There are many different accidents that could leave someone with severe burns. In most cases, electrical, thermal, or chemical hazards are to blame. Thermal damage is, by far, the what most people imagine when they think about the word burn. These wounds mostly occur when a body part touches extremely hot objects. Heated  metals, boiling liquids, steams, and many other hazards could cause a thermal burn.

Meanwhile, chemical burns occur when someone comes into contact with a caustic and hazardous substance. The toxin burns the skin and tissues at the cellular level, leaving long-lasting or permanent damage. These kinds of burns are particularly common in industrial and workplace accidents, but they could happen anywhere.

Finally, electrical burns can occur anywhere there is a power source. High voltage that passes through the body can have neurological impacts and leave visible scars. Along with burns, intense electrical exposure might also cause heart attacks.

Determining the kind of burn that an injured plaintiff suffered is a crucial part of a civil claim, and a detail-oriented attorney in Waco could make sure the wound gets diagnosed correctly.

Investigating an Accident that Caused Burns

After diagnosing the category of burn that a claimant suffered, the next key step in the legal process is investigating the accident to conclude that the defendant’s negligence played a role. When assessing and analyzing what happened, a hardworking attorney will:

  • Speak with any relevant witnesses
  • Analyze and interpret medical records
  • Use lay and expert testimony in hearings or trial
  • Consult medical professionals and other qualified experts to get a clear picture of what happened
  • Identify any potential defendants, both individual and corporate

All of these actions could help a legal representative transparently understand what caused the accident. Having a clear picture of what happened can significantly strengthen a plaintiff’s claim, boosting the chances that they collect adequate compensation. A dedicated lawyer in Waco can make sure to use all the resources at their disposal to help a burn victim obtain the justice they deserve.

Burn Injuries and Comparative Fault Arguments

Accidents that cause burn often entitle a plaintiff to substantial compensation. Therefore, after an incident, it is common for a defendant to try and blame the claimant for their own harm, in order to avoid paying monetary damages. Allegations that the plaintiff partially or fully caused the accident are handled by Texas Statutes § 33.001. This framework sets forth the modified comparative system that the state uses in these situations.

According to these laws, if an injured plaintiff is more than 51 percent responsible for their burns, they will likely lose their opportunity to collect financial compensation. If they are less than 51 percent liable, they can still recover monetary damages, but their compensation will be reduced by their own percentage of fault, which is determined by a trier of fact.

Allegations of shared blame can be frustrating for someone who knows that a plaintiff caused their burn injury, but a resourceful attorney in Waco can counter these manipulative legal tactics and maintain a claimant’s integrity.

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