Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Temple

Truck accidents are always dangerous, especially to occupants of smaller vehicles. If a truck hits the weakest, least-reinforced part of a car’s body—the side—the results could be catastrophic.

If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a side-impact truck accident in Temple, any negligent parties could be liable to pay your damages. An experienced truck accident lawyer could steer you through the process of holding the negligent trucker accountable for damages.

Why T-Bone Accidents Are So Dangerous

Side-impact (T-bone) collisions happen when one vehicle’s front smashes into the side of another. The side of a car or SUV offers the least protection to its occupants. When a truck, which might weigh 80,000 pounds, collides with a car or SUV weighing between 3000-6000 pounds, the truck could demolish the other vehicle and cause devastating injuries.

A forceful collision could cause an occupant’s head to snap sharply, potentially damaging the neck and spine and causing traumatic brain injury. The side of the body nearest the impact site could suffer severe internal and external injuries, including organ damage, fractures, and amputations. Shrapnel and debris could cause wounds and abrasions all over the body.

T-bone collisions between a large truck and a smaller car could cause the car to slide underneath the truck. These are called underride accidents, and they are often fatal, as the edge of a trailer could shear off the roof and windshield of the car.

How T-Bone Truck Collisions Happen

It takes skill to drive a truck. A trucker must be able to keep track of vehicles in the blind spots on all four sides of the vehicle, maintain sufficient distance to accommodate a truck’s slow braking, adjust for the weight of a loaded trailer, and manage all this while on a tight delivery schedule. A trucker who is not entirely on their game could make an error that leads to a side-impact crash.

Many T-bone accidents involving trucks happen at intersections. A truck making a left turn could collide with a vehicle in its blind spot. Blind spots also could cause side-impact accidents when the truck pulls out of a parking lot or into a T-intersection. Improper braking could prevent a truck from stopping completely, which could cause a T-bone. Trying to beat a red light is another common cause of this type of crash.

Driver error causes most side-impact collisions. Mechanical failure, unclear road markings, or defective traffic control devices also could be contributing factors. Any of these circumstances could be indicators of negligence, which is a failure to use reasonable care. A knowledgeable accident attorney could reconstruct the crash to identify all the parties who might be liable due to their negligence.

Benefits of Getting Legal Help Immediately

Texas Civil Remedies and Practice Code §16.003 allows an injured person two years to bring a lawsuit seeking damages. However, someone who suffers injuries in a truck accident is wise to seek counsel immediately.

The trucking industry is a huge and powerful business. Trucking companies have teams of accident reconstruction experts, insurance adjusters, and lawyers who thoroughly investigate the circumstances of any truck accident. Their job is to limit their employer’s liability to people who might have been hurt in an accident.

Injured people might receive phone calls or visits from trucking company representatives seeking information soon after a crash. An injured person’s attorney could handle all communication with the potentially responsible parties, ensuring that the victim does not make any statements against their interest. Insurers might attempt to settle a case with an unreasonably low offer. A savvy advocate understands the value of a particular case and will fight to get the client a settlement that is fair and appropriate under the circumstances.

Get Compensation for Your Side-Impact Injuries with a Capable Truck Crash Attorney

If you were hurt in a side-impact truck accident in Temple, you need an aggressive and experienced professional helping you stand up for your rights. You are entitled to compensation to cover your current medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, lost income, and your pain and suffering.

A Temple injury lawyer could stand by your side throughout the process until you get the damages you deserve. Call today to schedule an appointment with a compassionate advocate who could help you fight for compensation.

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