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Utility workers are an integral part of keeping the city prospering and thriving. They power our lights, keep our water flowing, fix our TV satellites, and help provide heat during winter. In day-to-day situations, utility workers face precarious work environments. When you or a loved one is involved in an accident while working, you can contact a San Antonio utility worker lawyer.

A workplace accident attorney can help you recover monetary compensation for your losses. Injuries can be severe and sometimes fatal. There are many unknowns following a utility workplace accident. In utility incidents, the worker’s safety is the number one concern. After getting to safety, a worker can think about how they will cover expenses should they be temporarily or permanently unable to work. A dedicated lawyer can help you receive workers’ compensation or other payments for your injuries or the loss of a beloved utility worker.

Common Utility Workplace Accidents

Utility accidents can happen in various ways. Some common utility accidents happening in the workplace are:

  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals, leading to forms of cancer, respiratory issues, and burns.
  • On-site fire accident, leading to burns, scarring, and respiratory problems.
  • Ladder, scaffold, or building falls
  • Roof, pipe, or street collapses
  • Slip and fall incidents causing bruises, sprains, long-term back problems, and broken bones.

A helpful attorney in San Antonio can listen to a utility worker’s story and develop a successful plan to achieve monetary compensation.

Safety Measures Utility Companies Must Take

State law, city ordinances, and established guidelines by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) are in place to keep workers safe. Unfortunately, utility companies sometimes try to cut corners and end up violating a worker’s rights, leading to a terrible workplace accident. Many times, these utility incidents are the result of a negligent utility company. The company has a duty to do—or not do something—and they did the opposite, resulting in an injury.

A San Antonio workplace accident lawyer can help you receive weekly or monthly worker compensation benefits. They can also help you consider a lawsuit.

Dependent Family Member Claim

Utility workers and families can receive weekly or monthly benefits through workers’ compensation. Specifically, surviving spouses and children can file a survivorship benefit claim. In Texas, these claims are called death benefit claims. Under Texas Labor Code § 408, surviving spouses, children, and other dependents can receive benefits to cover funeral expenses and loss of income. Surviving spouses and children can only receive weekly benefits for 104-364 weeks. When a family loses a loved one in a utility accident, contact a utility worker lawyer in San Antonio to file a death benefits claim.

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