San Antonio Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Our firm’s San Antonio oil field injury lawyers know the dangers of oilfield and pipeline work better than anyone else. We’ve held countless oil and gas companies accountable for their negligence and disregard for safety.

Oil fields are dangerous and unpredictable by nature, but unsafe work conditions and poor training often make these work environments even worse. As a work injury lawyer, Felix Gonzalez will identify the negligent parties and make sure the oil companies pay for their negligent and reckless actions.

Oilfield Accidents And Injuries We Handle

If you or a loved one were hurt or killed at a Texas oilfield site, pipeline, refinery, or oil rig, we can help.

Cases we take on include:

  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Oil well blowouts
  • Toxic fumes exposure
  • Machinery and equipment defects
  • Falling debris
  • Lifting injuries,
  • And more

What To Do After An Oilfield Accident Or Injury

Due to the working conditions, oilfield, oil rig, refinery, and pipeline accidents can cause lacerations, broken bones, loss of limb, sight, or hearing, paralysis, brain damage, and even death. If you’re injured working for an oil or gas company, there are critical steps to take in order to protect your health and your rights.

Our oil field injury lawyers recommend the following:

  • Stop working immediately. This may seem obvious, but oil companies are notorious for trying to continue production, even after a serious accident or injury. Stop working, report the injury, and demand immediate medical attention.
  • Seek independent medical treatment. Do not deny emergency medical help, especially if your injuries are serious, but you must see an independent doctor or specialist as soon as possible. Your employer’s doctor could be influenced to minimize your injuries and help their case. It’s important that you have a doctor on your side, too.
  • Refrain from making a statement. Your employer and their insurance company will likely try and get you to make a statement about fault so that they can avoid paying for any claims. Until you speak to an oil field injury lawyer, do not make any statements, sign anything, accept any settlement offers, or answer any questions which may adversely affect your case.
  • Create a record. You’re entitled to copies of all paperwork related to your accident so don’t be afraid to ask. Start creating a record and account of your accident and injuries, including copies of documentation, reports, and pictures of the site.
  • Contact our firm. Only an experienced oil field injury lawyer can help you fight the oil companies and their attorneys. They have people on their side, and you need people on your side too.

OSHA Standards For Oil Field Sites

Oil field, oil line, and pipeline employees are exposed daily to dangerous hazards, but OSHA regulations require that oil and gas companies provide a safe work environment free of any safety danger, in order to minimize the safety risks. In addition to OSHA regulations employers and oil companies must follow their own internal safety policies and procedures for ensuring a safe work environment for all workers.

Unfortunately, these safety standards, rules, policies and procedures, and regulations are often ignored by the employing oil companies, resulting in devastating accidents and catastrophic and lifelong injuries.

Speak to a San Antonio Oil Field Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed while working for an oil or gas company, an oil field injury lawyer at our law firm in San Antonio can help.

We’ll examine and immediately investigate the circumstances of the accident, identify the negligent parties, to protect your rights on your behalf. We can also get you to the right medical personnel or medical specialists who can start treating your injuries properly.

Don’t delay, though! Time is of the essence and we need to get started right away in order to get you the best legal representation and compensation as soon as possible.

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