Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Leander

While any traffic accident involving a semi-truck can have serious repercussions for everyone involved, wrecks that involve a tractor-trailer colliding with the doors or side paneling of a commuter car tend to be particularly devastating. Even modern cars with cutting-edge safety features are simply not built to withstand the kind of force a commercial truck can generate, and that often means truck crashes cause life-changing injuries.

In these situations, it can be especially crucial to have help from a seasoned truck crash attorney who knows how to prove negligence and protect your legal rights. With capable legal counsel on your side, you will have much better chances of filing a compelling civil claim and recovering compensation for side-impact truck accidents in Leander.

How Negligence Can Cause Side-Impact Truck Crashes

When T-bone collisions and other types of side-impact truck crashes happen in Leander, they typically occur at intersections, since those are where it is most likely that a semi-truck would be traveling perpendicularly to a commuter car in the first place. However, these kinds of wrecks can also happen on the highway, while merging onto a freeway, when a truck driver changes lanes without checking their blind spots, or even in parking lots or loading decks.

Regardless of what caused the crash, proving negligence in legal terms is a crucial part of resolving a side-impact truck accident case. Depending on the situation, legally actionable negligence can look like anything from an overt breach of traffic law to an ill-timed moment of carelessness or distraction, so long as it is a violation of that person’s “duty of care” to act responsibly and reasonably at all times while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. An experienced lawyer could help with determining the cause of a crash and using that information to prove a truck driver’s negligence.

Possible Obstacles to Recovering Compensation

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand built around a T-bone truck accident can seek compensation for both economic and non-economic losses, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Psychological trauma and distress
  • All past and future medical expenses
  • Lost work income and/or ability to work
  • Personal property damage, including costs of car replacement or repair

However, any amount of fault an injured party is found to hold for causing their own damages could be held against them as a proportional reduction of their final damage award or even as a reason to deny them compensation altogether, in accordance with Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §§33.001 through 33.017.

For instance, if someone committed a traffic violation prior to their accident occurring, they might collect less financial compensation than they anticipate. Furthermore, anyone who waits longer than two years after their accident to file suit for a side-impact truck wreck may be barred from recovery by the “statute of limitations” codified in Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003. These limitations might seem intimidating, but a proactive Leander attorney can help with combatting allegations of comparative negligence after a side-impact trucking accident.

Consider Working on Side-Impact Truck Accident Litigation with a Leander Attorney

Any auto accident where one vehicle hits the side of another is usually severe, and that effect is magnified by the former vehicle being a tractor-trailer. Fortunately, you have legal rights after incidents of this nature that could allow you to recover financially for every form of harm your injuries have left you and will leave you with.

After getting medical care for injuries caused by a side-impact truck accident in Leander, your next move should be contacting a truck accident lawyer to discuss a possible claim. Call today to set up a meeting.

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