Jackknife Truck Accidents in Leander

Because commercial vehicle trailers to the cab by a swiveling hinge to the cab, the two parts of semi-trucks technically move independently from each other. Unfortunately, this means that negligent driving or environmental conditions can sometimes lead to the trailer skidding out to the side or front of the cab. If this happens, a truck might skid, collide with other vehicles, and cause a pileup that leaves many people with serious injuries.

Jackknife truck accidents in Leander can be exceptionally traumatic experiences that can make for equally stressful and complicated civil litigation. If you are dealing with serious injuries caused by this sort of collision, representation from a seasoned truck accident attorney could be crucial to you getting a favorable result from your claim and obtaining fair financial compensation for all your recoverable losses.

How Do Jackknife Truck Crashes Happen?

Part of what makes tractor-trailers particularly difficult to operate—and why drivers should have extensive training and hands-on experience before taking one on a delivery route—is the fact that their sheer size and weight makes them incredibly hard to slow down safely. Perhaps unsurprisingly, improper braking is a leading cause of jackknife truck wrecks in Leander, as is excessive speed going into corners, failure to account for inclement weather, and anything else that could lead to a truck’s tires losing traction with the road.

In the same vein, drivers with less experience driving big rigs are more likely to operate their trucks in unsafe ways, which may increase the risk of a jackknife wreck occurring. Similarly, drivers who are overly fatigued or navigating while substance-impaired might cause one of these collisions. No matter what specifically leads to this kind of crash occurring, a capable attorney can help pursue comprehensive recovery from every person who holds some fault for a jackknife incident.

Holding Someone Else Liable for a Jackknife Wreck

Similar to how there are many different factors that can contribute to causing a jackknife truck collision in Leander, there are also various parties who could potentially be found at fault for causing this kind of wreck. In most cases, the primary defendant will be the truck driver who was operating the vehicle at the time of the wreck.

Alternatively, a trucking company may hold a majority of total fault for a jackknife crash if they knowingly employed a driver without the necessary skills and training, or if they forced their drivers to stay on the road longer than allowed under federal law. Finally, some jackknife crashes are primarily caused by a third party’s negligence. For instance, a mechanic who failed to provide sufficient service to a truck’s brakes, a manufacturer that produced faulty brakes, or a supplier that overloaded a truck past its safe weight limit all might need to assume responsibility for their role in a jackknife collision.

A Leander Attorney Could Help Following a Jackknife Truck Accident

When semi-trucks end up jackknifing due to negligence by their driver or anyone else involved in their operation, they can cause life-altering harm to nearby drivers. If you want to demand fair financial restitution after this kind of crash, you will have much better odds of getting a successful case result if you have help from seasoned legal representation.

An experienced truck accident lawyer could be your most vital ally after a jackknife truck accident in Leander. Call today for a consultation.

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