Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Austin

Commercial truck accidents are increasingly common statewide, and the leading cause is distracted driving. Truckers are obligated to drive safely and avoid any distractions they may face when transporting goods across the state.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a commercial vehicle wreck and believe distracted driving was the cause, a hardworking trucking crash attorney can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Hiring an experienced truck crash attorney to handle your claim increases your chances of a successful settlement. Our lawyers have the training and experience to guide you through the claim process and advocate for adequate compensation for your injuries. Distracted driving truck accidents in Austin are unacceptable, and we will help you get the justice you deserve.

Examples of Distracted Truck Driving in Texas

There are many potential distractions that truckers face on the road. The consequences can be deadly when a truck driver takes their eyes off the road, even for a moment. Some common examples of distracted truck operation include:

  • Texting or using a cell phone
  • Adjusting a GPS or other navigation device
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Adjusting controls in the vehicle
  • Switching music
  • Using a communication radio

Any of these distractions could endanger the trucker and other vehicles on the road. Due to the size and weight of commercial trucks, accidents can cause significant damage and injuries. Proving the exact distraction that caused a truck crash is a crucial part of the civil claims process, and our Austin attorneys can help with gathering evidence.

Holding Truckers Accountable for Distracted Driving

Commercial truck accidents caused by distracted driving are preventable. Truckers who cause accidents because of a distraction could face penalties for their actions, including suspension of their Commercial Driver’s License and termination of their employment. Additionally, someone who suffers injuries from a distracted truck driver can pursue a civil claim against this negligent individual.

In some cases, the trucker’s employer could also be liable. For example, if a driver has a pattern of incidents with distracted driving and their employer fails to take action, the trucker’s company could be just as responsible for any injuries sustained in the accident. Similarly, truck companies must provide their commercial drivers with adequate training to prevent accidents. Failure to adequately train drivers could also expose a big rig company to liability.

When a negligent trucker causes an accident, it is important to hold them accountable for their actions. After a serious collision, the injured person will likely have medical bills to worry about and could need time off work to recover. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can assist victims of a distracted driving truck crash by filing a claim for compensation. A successful civil claim or lawsuit can reimburse the injured person for their medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, or other related expenses.

Contact an Austin Distracted Driving Truck Accident Attorney

You should contact an experienced legal representative if you were injured in a distracted driving truck crash due to the negligence of a commercial vehicle driver or their employer. Our legal professionals can investigate the circumstances of the accident, determine who bears legal responsibility, and gather evidence to support your claim.

When pursuing compensation for your injuries, choosing the right attorney to represent your interests is crucial. Our dedicated lawyers understand the nuances of distracted driving truck accidents in Austin and want to pursue justice on your behalf. We will build your claim, negotiate with insurance companies, and even take the case to trial if necessary. Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.

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