Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Austin

Texas sees its fair share of bad weather. When the roads are slippery, accidents are bound to happen. For commercial truckers, heavy wind and rain can make driving more dangerous. No matter how prepared truckers are for inclement weather, operating large commercial trucks when the roads are slippery is difficult and requires proper training and skill. High winds can also cause trucks to tip over and lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries.

When you were injured in a bad weather truck accident in Austin, you should contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights and remedies. When bad weather causes a semi-truck accident, the driver and their employer can be responsible for any resulting injuries. Our team has years of experience litigating disputes with truck companies and their employees. We can help you hold negligent truckers responsible by investigating the cause of the crash and gathering evidence to support your claim.

The Impact of Inclement Weather Conditions on Truck Driving

While truck drivers face numerous risks on the road every day, driving a commercial truck or tractor-trailer during bad weather is highly dangerous. When there is low visibility and poor road conditions, maneuvering or controlling a large truck is difficult. Likewise, high winds can cause a truck to tip over or swerve. Truckers undergo significant training to prepare for bad weather, but even with proper training, catastrophic truck collisions in Austin happen.

Ice, sleet, and snow can reduce the truck driver’s visibility and cause slippery roads. Because of the size and weight of commercial trucks, drivers need to maintain a significant braking distance when driving in bad weather conditions. Wet roads can cause hydroplaning, and when a truck loses traction, the driver can quickly lose control of the vehicle and cause a collision with other passenger vehicles.

Liability for Truck Accidents Due to Bad Weather

Most people assume that when mother nature is the cause of a truck accident, they are out of luck regarding their financial recovery. Truckers must exercise extreme caution when driving in dangerous conditions, especially in bad weather. Federal regulations mandate truckers to reduce speed or pause their route during inclement weather. When driver error contributes to a crash during bad weather in Austin, the trucker and their employer can still be liable for damages.

When semi-truck accidents occur during adverse weather, an investigation will determine if the driver and the truck company failed to act reasonably under the circumstances. For example, the trucker can be negligent for failing to reduce their speed when roads are slippery or icy. The trucker should also maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, use headlights, and adhere to other safety precautions. A lawyer can assist you with filing a lawsuit against the trucker and their employer.

Hire an Attorney for Help After Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Austin

When someone is injured in an accident with a truck, they can seek compensation for their injuries even if bad weather caused the accident. Truck drivers and their employers have complex insurance plans, and in some cases, the adjusters will attempt to dispute liability when weather conditions contributed to the accident. Our lawyers can negotiate with the trucker’s insurance on your behalf or file a lawsuit to hold the negligent driver and their employer liable for your injuries.

Truck accident victims often recover the cost of their medical care, lost income, and other related expenses from the crash. Our experienced legal professionals want to advocate on your behalf and pursue just compensation after bad weather truck accidents in Austin. Contact our office to set up a consultation.

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