Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Austin

The traffic laws for bicyclists in Austin exist to help protect people’s safety and well-being, but not everyone follows them. When you are harmed in a bike crash caused by a careless driver, an experienced attorney can help you take legal action. Filing a lawsuit cannot undo the incident but may enable you to receive the compensation you need to cover post-accident expenses.

Our law firm takes bike crashes seriously, being mindful of the often-significant injuries a person can experience. When a driver hurt you because they ran a red light, were texting and driving, or failed to give you space on the road, we can help you bring a legal claim against them. Our experienced attorneys understand what you are experiencing and are here to provide targeted, solution-based advice.

State Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

Under Texas Transportation Code § 551, bicyclists have similar rights to use the roadway as passenger vehicles and must follow traffic laws that apply to cars and bicycles. For example, bicyclists need to use a headlight on the front of their bikes and have a red light or reflector on the back when riding at night.

Where possible, cyclists should stay on the far-right part of the road or drive in a bike lane (if there is one) and ride in the direction of traffic. When the bike lane directs people to go in the opposite flow of the other vehicles, the bicyclists should follow the posted signs instead of the default rule. Additionally, riders need to use hand signals or a similar means of communicating to let others on the road know they will turn.

State law also makes it illegal for people to attach their bikes or themselves to a moving vehicle on a street. Lastly, people cannot text while riding their bicycle or carry an object that prevents them from using at least one hand to steer the bike. People in Austin who break the traffic laws for bikes or motorists put others at risk of getting into a crash and experiencing severe injury or even death.

Local Bike Laws Cyclists Should Know About

Bicyclists in Austin must also be mindful of local traffic regulations, such as those in Austin City Code § 12.2. Like its state law counterpart, the Austin City Code requires bicyclists to follow most state and local traffic rules that apply to vehicles. Bicyclists have similar rights to use the road as other motorists, subject to a few exceptions.

Those riding bicycles can do so on the sidewalks when they do not interfere with the flow of traffic or pedestrians. When parking their bikes, cyclists need to do so in a way that does not block traffic or take up a parking space for a car. Along these lines, the law prevents riders from planting their bikes between vehicles in a parking lot.

When a cyclist causes an accident while riding their bike, local laws require them to provide their contact information to those injured. Likewise, they should help others get assistance to address their immediate physical and property damage (such as by calling 911). Those hurt in crashes with motorists or other cyclists may choose to work with a lawyer to assert their legal rights.

An Attorney in Austin Can Answer Questions About Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

The traffic laws for bicyclists in Austin mirror those for other motorists, but there are some exceptions for people to be aware of. Pedestrians, motorists, or cyclists injured in a crash with or caused by a bicycle may be able to bring a legal claim. When you are hurt in a bike crash or have questions about local traffic laws for bike riders, a seasoned lawyer can help.

Our firm advocates for those experiencing physical and emotional pain from a bicycle wreck caused by a careless person or business. We can help you determine your legal options and carry those out. Contact our attorneys to schedule a consultation.

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