Bicycle Safety and Preventative Measures in Austin

By implementing bicycle safety and preventative measures in Austin, you can limit your chances of getting into an accident. When someone else acts recklessly or negligently and runs into you while you are on a bike, you may be entitled to hold them accountable under state laws. An attorney can help you move through the steps in the process of filing an insurance claim and, if necessary, a lawsuit.

You deserve compensation when you suffer a broken bone, concussion, torn ligament, or other injury because of a bike crash caused by someone else. Our firm works with bicyclists who are hurt because of the mistakes or carelessness of others. Our experienced attorneys welcome the opportunity to discover what happened to you and determine how we might assist you.

Important State Bike Laws Designed to Keep People Safe

Texas Transportation Code § 551 has many laws designed to help people safely operate bicycles, mopeds, and other low-powered vehicles. Under these laws, bicyclists have similar rights and responsibilities that apply to motorized vehicles like cars and trucks. For example, like their passenger car counterparts, bicyclists need to stop at red lights and wait until they have the right of way and the street is clear before entering the roadway.

Likewise, bike riders also need to signal before they make a turn. If their vehicle has a turn signal light, they can use this. If they do not have this feature on their bicycle, they are to use hand signals (i.e., extend their arm fully in the direction they plan to turn).

Of course, important exceptions apply to the rules of the road for bicyclists. For example, instead of taking up an entire lane, these lightweight vehicles are to stay on the right side of the road unless this is not possible or they are on a single-lane street. An attorney in Austin can help people understand other safety and preparedness measures that might apply to them under state bicycle laws.

Safety Measures People Can Take When Riding Their Bikes

While nothing can truly eliminate the potential for a crash, people can take steps to protect themselves. One crucial step is for riders to ensure their brakes are adequately lubricated and in working order. Not only is this a requirement under state law, but it also helps safeguard the rider against unintentionally coasting or falling into a busy street.

Another essential safety measure is for bicyclists to wear protective gear, like helmets, elbow pads, and sneakers. These items help protect the biker’s vulnerable joints and skull when they fall off their bike in a crash or because of a mishap. When driving at night, bicyclists should also have reflective gear on.

Additionally, state law requires nighttime bike riders to have a bright white light on the front of their bicycle and a red reflective feature or light on the back. This safety and preventative measure signals to other bicyclists and motorists in Austin that a bike rider is near.

Call an Attorney for Help Understanding Bike Safety and Preventative Measures in Austin

You may enjoy going on bike rides, but you want to ensure you engage in this activity safely. After all, you want to limit the chance of getting injured and missing work or family events because of it.

When you have questions about bicycle safety and preventative measures in Austin, do not hesitate to talk to an attorney. Our firm has helped others understand ways they can protect themselves, what laws apply to bicyclists, and what legal actions they can take when an accident occurs. Contact our dedicated team today to schedule a consultation.

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