West Lake Hills Paralysis Injury Lawyer

The inability to feel physical sensations on your skin or control parts of your body can be a traumatic event. For people suffering from spinal cord injuries or certain genetic conditions, this is a permanent reality. When negligence is the ultimate cause of this condition, a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney could help pursue justice.

Do not face these difficulties on your own. The support of strong legal counsel could put you in a position to secure a monetary award that pays for everything from your medical bills to renovations to your home. Now is the time for a discussion with a West Lake Hills paralysis injury lawyer.

What Causes Paralysis?

The loss of sensation or motor control in the body can happen for a number of reasons. For some people, they are the result of medical conditions like a stroke or multiple sclerosis. Another cause can be impinged nerves in the arms or legs. In most cases, paralysis occurs as the result of an acute injury to the head, neck, or back.

What these injuries have in common is damage to the spinal cord. Any disruption of the signals sent between the brain and the rest of the body leads to paralysis. If the cord is severed, these signals are never received, and the body can no longer move or sense touch in the affected areas.

Often, negligence plays a part in these acute injuries. When it does, financial compensation may be available. A paralysis injury lawyer in West Lake Hills could file a lawsuit on behalf of a person and seek monetary damages on their behalf.

Monetary Damages for Paralysis Injuries

A successful civil lawsuit cannot undo the loss of sensation of motor control within the body. It can provide financial support that addresses a person’s medical needs while also compensating them for their suffering. Some of the damages a West Lake Hills paralysis injury attorney can pursue include the following:

Home Renovations

Paralysis usually requires the use of mobility scooters or other devices to move around the home. In many situations, these houses lack the appropriate counter height or hallway width to allow these devices to navigate. The cost of making these additions or adding ramps could be included in a settlement.

Medical Costs

Facing overwhelming medical debt is never easy, but it is particularly problematic in the aftermath of a paralyzing injury. The cost of emergency medical care immediately following the accident can be significant. The ongoing medical needs are often even greater. An injured person could recoup past and future costs through a civil lawsuit.

Lost Wages

It is not unusual for a person living with paralysis to be unable to return to their previous line of work. For some, the only option in the future might be returning to the workforce in a limited capacity. This can have a dramatic impact on future earnings. A person could be entitled to financial compensation that recoups these lost wages.

Reach Out to a West Lake Hills Paralysis Injury Attorney Right Away

Dealing with the loss of sensation and motor control in your body can be difficult enough to deal with. Adding the stress of managing a civil lawsuit on top of that is likely too much for one person to face alone.

The good news is that you never have to pursue justice by yourself. Reach out to a West Lake Hills paralysis injury lawyer right away to learn more.

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