Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Waco

Bad weather can cause truck crashes that lead to significant property damage, serious injuries, and sometimes, even death. Commercial trucks, which weigh up to 80,000 pounds, pose an acute danger to other vehicles on the road when they are operated dangerously.

Anyone injured in bad weather truck accidents in Waco should contact one of our skilled commercial vehicle crash attorneys to discuss ways we might move your case forward. The weather could be exclusively to blame for an accident, but the driver, their employer, or other parties could be liable, too. A lawyer could help get to the bottom of the accident by investigating it and then pursuing damages from the liable party or parties.

Navigating Applicable Truck Wreck Laws

In cases involving commercial trucks, there are several laws that could apply. For example, Texas Transportation Code § 545.351 requires drivers to adjust their driving and overall speed to a level that is prudent and reasonable under present weather conditions. Additionally, T.T.C. § 547.302 mandates trucking companies to maintain their vehicles properly and ensure that things such as brakes, tires, and lights are working properly.

Also, T.T.C. § 545.401 calls for drivers to exercise due care based on road conditions, including weather. Violation of any of these laws could imply liability in a related injury action in Waco after a truck accident in bad weather. The more liable parties, the more chances to recover damages, so figuring out who violated what laws in the course of the accident can be vital to a successful case.

Many Parties Could Be Liable After an Inclement Weather Collision

It is not just bad weather that could be to blame for a truck accident in Waco. If the truck driver was operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they could be liable, too. If their employer was negligent in the hiring of the driver or the maintenance of the truck, they could be liable. Other drivers on the road could also be liable if they had something to do with the accident. The local municipality or government agency tasked with maintaining the roads could also be at fault.

An experienced attorney can investigate a crash to determine which parties are liable. We can also provide an accurate accounting of damages in a case, using our experience and the data available to us.

How To Obtain Compensation for Truck Crash Losses

One way of obtaining damages could be to file a case and argue it in court. Many people and their attorneys opt instead to negotiate with the involved insurance companies for a suitable payout. This saves the stress and time associated with the legal process. However, an attorney can still play a vital role in obtaining compensation.

The available damages to an injured person include economic, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage, noneconomic, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and mental anguish, and punitive damages for extreme cases. When a lawyer does not take a case to court, they will put their legal training and knowledge to use in arguing for an appropriate settlement amount. This avoids the pitfalls of a tired and stressed person taking a lowball settlement offer, accepting way less than what they deserve for their injuries.

Contact a Waco Attorney After a Bad Weather Truck Accident

Call one of our lawyers after bad weather truck accidents in Waco for a free consultation. We can discuss how to get the compensation you are owed for your injuries. Do not wait. Time is of the essence. Too much is at stake to go it alone. You deserve a good lawyer on your side.

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