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Electrocution kills hundreds of workers every year and injures even more. The Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that the construction industry has the highest rate of fatalities due to electrocution of all the industries in the United States.

If you have sustained electrical injuries at work, you might be wondering how you could get appropriate compensation for your losses. Pursuing claims for work-related injuries is more complicated than other personal injury claims, but a Temple electrocution injury lawyer can advise you about the most promising legal options available in your specific circumstances. A knowledgeable construction accident attorney can help you hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries and damages.

When Can a Worker Bring a Claim for Damages?

The workers’ compensation program could complicate the process of seeking restitution for an electrical injury. If an employer subscribes to the workers’ compensation program and the worker sustained their injury while on the job, the program bars them from pursuing damages from their employer.

However, many Texas employers are non-subscribers that do not participate in the workers’ compensation program, though they might offer some benefits to their employees through a private plan. Workers who sustain injuries because of the negligence of their non-subscribing employer could bring a negligence claim against the employer.

A savvy accident attorney could investigate the details of a particular incident to determine whether a third party’s negligence might have contributed to a worker’s injury.

Common Causes of Electrical Injuries

Injuries from electricity run the gamut from a slight shock to electrical burns, nerve damage, heart attack, and neurological dysfunction. Electrical injuries might leave victims unable to work or even care for themselves.

Contact with overhead power lines is the most frequent cause of electrical injuries. Other frequent scenarios that result in electrical injuries to workers include crane boom contact with an energized power line, contact with damaged or poorly installed equipment, and contact between conductive equipment and an energized power line. 

Proper training, safety procedures, and equipment maintenance could prevent many electrical accidents. When someone’s failure to take proper care results in an injury to someone else, a seasoned construction accident attorney could pursue a claim for negligence on the injured worker’s behalf.

Proving Negligence in Electrical Accidents

In any personal injury action, the injured person must prove that someone else’s negligence caused their injury. A plaintiff could establish negligence by showing that the defendant failed to be appropriately cautious, and the lack of caution resulted in an accident that caused their injury.

When a worker brings a negligence action, they might claim that negligence on the part of their employer or an independent contrator created the situation that led to their injury. Other potentially negligent parties might include property owners, equipment manufacturers, maintenance companies, and even local governments if the accident happened on public property.

The plaintiff’s conduct could affect the success of a claim for damages. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.001 prevents any plaintiff who is more than 50 percent at fault in an accident from collecting damages from other negligent parties. An assertive injury lawyer could help ensure that a plaintiff bears no more responsibility for an accident than is appropriate under the circumstances.

Seek Compensation with a Temple Electrocution Injury Attorney

If an electrical injury has upended your life, you might be overwhelmed trying to figure out the best path forward for you and your family. A Temple electrocution injury lawyer could offer sound advice about your legal options. If you have a viable negligence case, you could receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, inconvenience, disfigurement, physical pain, emotional anguish, and other impacts of the injury.

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