Front-End Car Accidents in Seguin

Head-on collisions are one of the least common types of wrecks. They generally require at least one of the drivers to be going in the wrong direction. It can be much more challenging to avoid a front-end collision, even when you see it is about to happen, because you may fear hitting other vehicles or even pedestrians.

Because they involve two cars coming together from opposite directions, front-end car accidents in Seguin often result in severe injuries. The force of the accident is tremendous. Even though modern vehicle design reduces the likelihood of pushing an engine into the passenger compartment, there is less crumple space than in a rear-end collision. If you or a loved one has suffered harm, a car accident attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Determining Fault in Front-End Accidents

The significant force associated with head-on collisions can make it more challenging to determine which driver was at fault since the force can, and almost always will, move the vehicles from the position at the time of the accident. It would seem like a simple determination since a front-end wreck means that at least one driver, but usually only one driver, was going in the wrong direction.

Witness testimony can be beneficial after a front-end collision because their accounts can establish which car was going in the wrong direction. However, an injured person may not be in a position to gather witness testimony after an accident. Fortunately, a lawyer in Seguin can use other evidence to help prove fault after front-end car accidents.

Some of the evidence they use includes photos from the scene, video camera footage, police reports, and the damage to the vehicles. Images of the scene are essential, not just to show the damage to the vehicles but to show skid lines from braking and other evidence of where the vehicles were before the wreck.

What Causes Head-On Collisions

While momentary distractions can lead to other types of accidents, it usually takes a more significant mistake to result in a head-on wreck. Greater degrees of negligence are often associated with front-end wrecks. Drunk driving, driving while under the influence of drugs, drowsy driving, and distracted driving all play frequent roles in head-on accidents. Road rage can also play a part in some of these accidents. Speeding is rarely the sole cause of a head-on collision, but speeding can make it more severe.

Outside factors can significantly increase the risk of these accidents as well. Poor signage, construction, reduced visibility from weather or overgrown foliage, and hazardous road conditions can all contribute to the risk. However, it is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to be aware of these conditions — it would be unusual for an outside factor to completely relieve a driver of responsibility in a Seguin front-end car accident.

Consult a Seguin Attorney About Head-On Collisions

Front-end accidents can lead to severe injuries, financial loss, like medical bills and lost wages, and emotional losses. Recovery can take a substantial amount of time, and some families may never fully recover. No lawyer can take away the devastating impact of a severe car wreck. However, they can ensure your family has the compensation they deserve to help you in the healing process.

An attorney can help in several ways after front-end car accidents in Seguin. They can negotiate with insurers to ensure they properly assign fault for the accident and offer a fair settlement amount. When insurance companies are not willing to pay the value of the claim, the attorney can take the claim to court and fight for your rights. Schedule a consultation to learn more about your legal options.

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