Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Loaded Trucks in San Antonio

When loading a truck, tractor-trailer, and big rig, drivers and their employers need to make sure that they are following all the rules in place to make sure that the truck is safe enough to carry the heavy load. If these regulations are not followed, accidents can occur, and the party responsible can be held liable through an injury claim.

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What Steps can be Taken to Ensure that a Tractor-Trailer is of Acceptable Weight?

To make sure that a truck is of acceptable weight, trucking companies use scales to record a truck’s weight pre-trip and post-trip. If a truck driver is required to make multiple stops to add things to the trailer, they need to make sure that they are re-weighing each time something is added to the trailer. Truck drivers also need to make sure that their loads are evenly distributed so that the weight does not exceed the various axle load limits.

What is the Difference Between a Truck that is too Heavy and a Truck Carrying Too Much Cargo?

A truck with a weight exceeding 80,000 pounds will be considered overweight. However, having too much cargo can also have negative consequences. For example, the limit for tandem axles is 34,000 pounds. If one section of tandem axles is holding more than 40,000 pounds, but on another section, there is a weight of 20,000, the truck driver or their company must take measures to shift the cargo around so that the tandem axles groups are able to withstand the weight of the load. Unfortunately, by overloading a truck, the tandem axles may be pushed to their limit, potentially leading to an accident.

Under What Circumstances Might a Truck Exceed Maximum Limits?

There are situations where a trucking company can get a special permit in Texas to go over the maximum weight limit. These types of permits are typically issued on a single trip limit. If there are very large pieces of machinery that need to be hauled to a particular location, then the trucking company can fill out for a permit and get approval to exceed the 80,000 pound limit.

Unfortunately, there are also instances where a trucking company may decide to ignore the laws regulating weight limits. In these types of situations, the client may be putting pressure on the trucking company and the driver to make sure a load is delivered in time. If there are delays, there may be temptation to overload a truck to keep the satisfied.

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There are many regulations set in place to make sure that truck drivers and their company are taking the appropriate measures to ensure that their trucks are carrying a safe amount of weight that is also safely distributed onto the truck.

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