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When someone experiences damage to their spinal cord, it can have devastating consequences, such as limiting their mobility, stifling their ability to feel, or threatening their life. When a careless doctor, surgeon, driver, property owner, or other person is to blame for harm to your spinal cord, you may qualify to sue them. Taking decisive legal action can empower you to tell your story, demand compensation, and possibly prevent others from getting hurt in the same way.

Instead of navigating this situation alone, consider the benefits of working with a Manor spinal cord injury lawyer at our firm. Our skilled team understands the unique needs of those who suffer devastating harm, such as damage to their spine or nerves. Our knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorneys are here to listen to your concerns and help tailor a legal strategy to address them.

Reasons Why People May Injure Their Spinal Cords

Many activities can lead someone to experience significant injuries to their nerves, brain, and spinal cord. For example, they may get into a serious rollover car crash that breaks their back. Or they may experience a dangerous slip and fall, such as falling off a ladder or down an escalator, causing them to develop a debilitating neck injury.

In severe situations, medical negligence, such as a botched surgery or negligent use of birth tools, can cause harm to someone’s spinal cord. Additionally, a gunshot wound can also cause a debilitating injury to someone’s spine, as can contact sports accidents. Moreover, some medical conditions may also result in damage to someone’s central nervous system.

After a spinal cord injury, a person often faces unique challenges that can make it more difficult for them to engage in pre-accident activities. In some situations, the harm to their physical bodies may be irreversible. An attorney in Manor can provide vital legal assistance to those with a spinal cord injury.

Proving Someone Else Is to Blame for Spinal Cord Damage

State law allows a person to seek compensation if they can show that someone else caused their spinal injury. What this looks like in practice depends on the unique claims the person is making against another. Many civil claims take their roots in the legal theory of negligence.

Proving negligence requires the injured person to show the at-fault person or business had an obligation to them. Then, the injured person may need to show the wrongdoer failed to follow these standards, resulting in a mishap that harmed them. For example, a person and their attorney can present evidence that the other person caused the auto wreck that broke their spine.

Our Manor lawyers understand the many criteria a person should meet when bringing a lawsuit for a spinal cord injury. They have the special training to comb through complex records to discover the chain of events that led to the injury. From there, they can begin to shape a case against the at-fault party and take steps to hold them liable.

Call a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Manor for Legal Help

Damage to your spinal column, nerves, brain, and other parts of your central nervous system can make it harder for you to interact with the world like you could before the accident. When you believe someone else is to blame for your position, taking legal action may be an effective way to move forward.

The court process can be time-consuming and stressful, but our team has the knowledge, tools, and experience to help ease your burden. We are proud of our diligent work ethic and unparalleled dedication to our client’s well-being. Contact a Manor spinal cord injury lawyer on our team to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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