Leander Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Traveling by motorcycle regularly evokes strong emotions, even from those who have not ridden one and never plan to. The power of these feelings makes motorcycles nearly synonymous with feelings of freedom and exhilaration. The tradeoff, however, is a very real element of danger. In order to attempt to curb these potential hazards, many states and cities have enacted various rules and regulations related to motorcycles.

It is important for motorcycle riders to have a working knowledge of these rules. Not only are they meant to improve your safety, but in the event of an accident, whether or not you complied with these rules may have a direct impact on your ability to recover compensation.

When you have been in a motorcycle accident or simply wish to make sure you are operating your motorcycle responsibly, a local attorney familiar with Leander motorcycle traffic laws can help you understand what you need to know.

Parking Regulations

In Leander, the traffic laws related to parking or stopping motorcycles are generally the same as for other motor vehicles. However, given the greater mobility and maneuverability of a motorcycle compared to a standard passenger automobile, the rules can seem more restrictive when applied to motorcycles.

For example, Leander Code of Ordinances § 12.04.001(g) prevents all vehicles, including motorcycles, from parking on sidewalks, within an intersection, or within 20 feet of a crosswalk. Leander Code of Ordinances § 12.04.001(e) extends the prohibition to bike lanes. Additionally, Leander Code of Ordinances § 12.04.001(f) prohibits parking at any time and in any place within certain sections of West Street and Crystal Falls Parkway.

Lane Splitting on a Motorcycle

State traffic laws relevant to motorcycles remain applicable for riders on Leander’s streets as well. Texas Transportation Code § 545.0605 governs the use of motorcycles as they relate to laned roadways. This law both gives motorcyclists rights and burdens them with responsibilities.

This section of the Transportation Code confirms that all motorcycle riders are allowed to use a full lane at all times, and other motor vehicles may not drive in a manner that limits a motorcycle’s use of the full lane. Motorcyclists may, however, ride side by side with another motorcycle in a single lane, but the number of motorcycles next to each other may not exceed two.

This statute also prevents riders from driving a motorcycle between two parallel lanes of traffic and passing another vehicle in the same lane as that other vehicle. Although the increased maneuverability of a motorcycle is one of its great benefits, it may not be exercised with complete impunity.

Laws Regarding Motorcycle Passengers

Leander motorcycle riders should also be familiar with state traffic laws regarding passengers. Texas Transportation Code § 545.416 prevents a motorcyclist from carrying any passenger unless the motorcycle is designed in a way to carry more than one person. The motorcycle must have handholds and footrests the passenger can use. Even when the motorcycle is designed properly, the statute requires both the operator and the passenger to use the seating implements in the way in which they are intended.

Transportation Code § 545.416(d)-(e) prevents any motorcyclists from carrying a child under the age of five as a passenger unless the child is seated in a sidecar properly attached to the motorcycle.

Seek Assistance From a Motorcycle Traffic Lawyer in Leander

Riding a motorcycle comes with a variety of rights and responsibilities. As a rider, you may need help properly identifying your responsibilities to ensure you are riding safely. When you have been in an accident, you may need help enforcing your rights. In either event, reaching out to an attorney experienced with Leander motorcycle traffic laws can help provide the assistance you need. Call our firm today.

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