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Spinal trauma can have a drastic effect on almost all areas of your life. You might experience debilitating pain from the injury, or you might have no feeling whatsoever in the affected area. You will probably face a lengthy and challenging recovery to regain movement and heal. You might face surgeries, hospital stays, doctors’ visits, physical therapy, and rehabilitation care, all of which can be extremely expensive. You might also need therapy to help you accept how your body has changed and learn how to adapt with those changes.

If someone else played a role in causing your injury, a Leander spinal cord injury lawyer can help you pursue a damages award that could grant you access to the care you need. Working with our catastrophic accident team can maximize your chances of obtaining the case result you deserve.

How Do Spinal Injuries Work?

The location and severity of a spinal cord injury generally determines the extent of a one’s pain, symptoms, and impairment. Patients generally experience spinal cord trauma below the impacted body part. For instance, if a person suffers a blow to their lower spine, they might experience issues with their legs. However, if a patient experiences severe trauma to their cervical spine or the area near their neck, they could suffer total body paralysis.

Partial and Complete Spinal Cord Damage

Additionally, the severity of damage to the spinal cord can impact one’s situation and case process. A complete spinal cord injury occurs when the nerves on the spinal column are completely severed. With complete spinal damage, the brain has no way to deliver messages to the rest of the body. Survivors of complete spinal cord injuries usually suffer complete paralysis below the trauma site.

Meanwhile, incomplete back injuries happen when the something partially severs the spinal cord. After incomplete spinal damage, the brain can still use the spine to send signals from the brain to the rest of the body, but affected patients might feel partial sensations or have limited motor functions below the injury site. For instance, some people with incomplete spinal injuries can feel pain or tingling but not be able to fully move a part of their body.

A seasoned lawyer in Leander can examine medical records and doctor analysis to determine the severity of a spinal cord injury and structure a civil claim accordingly.

The Consequences of Spinal Cord Damage

Spinal injuries can cause more than just physical pain. They can change a person’s entire life. Ongoing medical care becomes a way of life for patients recovering from back damage. Even with the best care and medical treatment, spinal injury patients are at risk of developing other severe medical conditions. For instance, survivors of a serious spinal injury are prone to obesity, pressure sores, bone density problems, heart issues, atrophy in muscles, and bladder and bowel disorders.

Lifestyle Changes

Instead of leaving for the day to go to work to earn a living, a spine injury survivor might need to visit their doctor or attend countless physical therapy sessions. Similarly, instead of hopping in the car to go pick up groceries to cook later that day, a patient might need to rely on others to drive, shop, and cook for them. They might need to give up their sense of independence. This lack of flexibility, agency, freedom might lead to anxiety, depression, and a reduced enjoyment of daily life.

Financial Implications of Back Damage

Spine injuries can even have devastating financial consequences. For example, many spinal injury plaintiffs need to purchase special equipment to get around, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. They might need to install costly wheelchair ramps in their homes or purchase new vehicles to accommodate their lack of mobility. Spinal injuries can also diminish a person’s ability to work, causing them to lose wages and future lifetime earnings.

A dedicated Leander lawyer recognizes the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of a spinal cord injury and can work to help a plaintiff get the full extent of compensation they deserve.

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Regardless of the extent and duration of your spinal injury, you might face an uphill battle while on your road to recovery. Thankfully, Leander spinal cord injury can help you take action against the people responsible so that you can handle your medical expenses and ongoing care. Reach out to our office today to learn more about collecting evidence, determining who is liable for your injuries, and filing a civil claim for compensation.

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