Copperas Cove Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Permanent paralysis is one of the most devastating outcomes an accident can have. It can be challenging to recover compensation from a negligent individual through civil litigation. Even if you can successfully prove someone else is at fault for causing your injury, obtaining fair compensation for every setback or loss can be almost impossible to accomplish alone.

Fortunately, representation from a Copperas Cove paralysis injury lawyer can ensure that you are not defending your rights alone. A hard-working legal team on your side gives you a better chance of achieving a positive case resolution. In addition to helping you build the strongest claim possible, your dedicated catastrophic injury attorney can accurately evaluate and demand full restitution for every future impact your condition will have on your life.

Different Forms of Paralysis

Since the financial value of any personal injury lawsuit depends on how severe an injury is and its effects on an individual, the type of paralysis that an accident caused has a dramatic impact on compensation. Quadriplegia, or loss of motor and sensory function in all four limbs and throughout the torso, often prevents an injured person from working or participating in previously enjoyed hobbies. This means that quadriplegia generally leads to high case values.

Paraplegia, or loss of function below the waist, can result in catastrophic financial and personal losses, but not always to the same extent as quadriplegia. For example, someone who primarily works behind a desk might still be able to hold gainful employment after becoming a paraplegic, but someone whose career revolves around physical labor might not.

These two forms of paralysis commonly stem from spinal cord trauma. Other forms of paralysis may occur due to a stroke or other brain injury, making for complex civil litigation. An injured person can also experience hemiplegia, paralysis of the left or right side of the body, or monoplegia, paralysis in a single limb. A Copperas Cove attorney’s help can be crucial in pursuing justice for even the most extreme paralysis injuries.

Available Damages in a Paralysis Injury Case

While specific recoverable damages in a paralysis injury claim may vary from person to person, it is necessary to account for both past and future losses as well as economic and non-economic forms of harm. Specific damages that often play a role in immobility cases include:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Costs of future medical care
  • Costs of home/vehicle modification and other assistive medical devices
  • Lost short-term income during physical recovery
  • Reduced long-term earning capacity
  • Physical and psychological pain
  • Loss of consortium
  • Reduced overall enjoyment of life

State law does not set a cap on maximum financial recovery available for any type of injury except in cases involving negligence by a healthcare provider. A paralysis accident lawyer in Copperas Cove can further explain possible compensation options.

Discuss Recovery Options with a Copperas Cove Paralysis Injury Attorney

Accidents resulting in paralysis have immediate and life-altering repercussions. Seeking financial compensation may seem like an insufficient solution for the harm you have endured. Fair restitution for the losses caused by your injury could still be vital to securing the highest possible quality of life despite the harm unjustly done to you.

A skilled Copperas Cove paralysis injury lawyer can discuss your next steps during a confidential consultation. Call today to schedule yours.

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