Safety Precautions for Austin Pedestrians

Walking is healthy, enjoyable, and cost-efficient. While walking is a rewarding and useful activity, it is best done safely. Pedestrians should abide by state and municipal laws applicable to pedestrians and use common sense while on foot. An experienced attorney can give you more information about rules and regulations that relate to pedestrians.

Whether commuting on foot to work, taking your dog out for a walk, or just going back and forth to your car while grocery shopping, you should be mindful of safety precautions for Austin pedestrians.

City Pedestrian Laws

Laws regulating pedestrians are codified in the Texas Transportation Code as well as the Austin Code of Ordinances. These laws set out right-of-way rules between pedestrians and vehicles and other rules for pedestrian conduct. Under these laws, pedestrians must:

  • Obey traffic and pedestrian control signals
  • Use the sidewalk if it is available
  • When no sidewalk is available, walk facing traffic on the far left
  • Generally cross at marked or unmarked crosswalks
  • Not cross the road between two intersections that have traffic lights unless in a crosswalk
  • Yield to motorists when crossing outside of a crosswalk
  • Not walk diagonally across an intersection unless authorized by a control device
  • Not stand in the road to solicit a ride

Under Section 12-1-26 of the Austin Code of Ordinances, a pedestrian cannot cross IH-35 and certain other highways except on an overpass or underpass.

These laws are designed with safety precautions in mind and applicable to Austin pedestrians, including people walking for exercise, as part of a work commute, to take care of errands, or for any other reason.

Safety Tips for People Walking in Austin

Serious injury and even death can result from a collision between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, so everyone should be cautious, use common sense, and follow the law. The goal is always to get home safe and sound at the end of the day.

Additional safety measures for Austin pedestrians include trying to make eye contact with drivers at intersections, wearing bright clothing or lights at night, not darting out into traffic, and always staying alert to prevent problems.

Being a distracted pedestrian can lead to accidents, just like being a distracted driver. In addition to creating risks to a pedestrian’s health, distracted walking can have adverse consequences for a future lawsuit.

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

Sometimes, Austin pedestrians are hit by cars even when they follow all safety precautions. The kinds of injuries a pedestrian can suffer when hit by a vehicle include internal injuries, broken bones, head and neck injuries, concussions, and brain damage.

Although a lawsuit will not erase the past, a claim is a possible option for an injured pedestrian to begin to set things right. The pedestrian might be able to bring an injury lawsuit and get special and general damages to compensate them for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

A person is likely going to fare better in terms of a jury award or out-of-court settlement when they were obeying pedestrian safety precautions in Austin and exercising due care under the circumstances when the accident happened because a court can reduce their damages when they contributed to the accident.

Find Out More Information About Safety Measures for Austin Pedestrians

Whether you are out for a leisurely stroll or a strenuous power walk, every pedestrian should be mindful of the law. You can get seriously injured or worse when you are hit by a car, truck, or other vehicle. You want to avoid problems and stay as secure as possible by following the law and safety precautions for Austin pedestrians.

When the worst happens, and you are injured while out walking, you should contact an experienced attorney. You might be able to get damages to compensate you for what you have endured. A skilled attorney can help you assess your options. Call today for a consultation about your case.

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