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An injury to a person is an invasion of their right to be free from harm imposed on them by another. As such, those hurt because of the negligent or reckless misconduct of someone else deserve compensation.

When you or someone you loved was involved in an accident, a skilled Five Points personal injury lawyer could secure substantial financial compensation for your harm. Our attorneys are ready to handle a legal claim while you focus on recovering.

Categories and Types of Personal Injuries

There are various categories of personal injuries. Another word for personal injury is bodily injury. Under Texas Penal Code § 1.07, a bodily injury is any type of ailment, personal pain, or disability.

One prominent example of personal injuries is traffic accidents, which can include various types of wrecks such as vehicle-on-vehicle collisions, car-on-bicycle crashes, pedestrians struck by vehicles, and 18-wheeler accidents.

Workplace personal injuries are another significant category. Injuries that can occur at work include slips and falls, electrocution, exposure to toxic chemicals, muscle hyperextension, repetitive stress injuries, being hit by falling objects, and being caught between machines.

Another substantial section of personal injury is medical malpractice cases. These cases happen when a doctor, hospital, or another medical professional breaches their duty of care to the patient. Malpractice could happen during a surgical operation or when a pharmacist makes a medication error.

Other categories of personal injuries are:

  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Animal bites
  • Nursing home injuries

Personal injuries, in many instances, can shatter a person or family’s world. It can drain personal savings and cause individuals to lose out on the financial dreams they worked so hard for. Negligent drivers, doctors, pharmacists, business owners, pet owners, and others should have to provide atonement for the harm they caused. A seasoned personal injury lawyer in Five Points can help an injured person and their family obtain financial security.

The Value of a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers work to protect injured people and their families from further financial harm. A lawyer could add value to your claim for unreasonably and uncalled-for bodily injury by:

  • Initiating a thorough investigation
  • Collecting, organizing, and submitting documents
  • Negotiating lucrative settlements
  • Easing the financial worries of injured persons
  • Presenting compelling arguments in front of juries
  • Advocating for high-damage awards for clients

A person harmed in an accident is handling a stressful life situation. The process of healing can involve a lot, and sadly, the confusing steps of bringing a civil lawsuit for damages can exacerbate an already emotionally challenging situation. A compassionate Five Points personal injury lawyer can help an individual through the complexities of the judicial system.

How is Compensation Awarded in Personal Injury Cases?

Financial compensation in personal injury cases is called damages. Damage types are exact amounts of losses, foreseeable costs, and financial penalties. Each damage type is usually awarded by the jury or agreed to in settlement conferences.

The exact amount of losses are those expenses shown on bank statements, vehicle repair shop receipts, insurance claim amounts, and hospital bill receipts. This damage category also includes the paychecks a person lost because they had to miss work.

Determined amounts of damages are sometimes challenging to give an exact value to because they can involve things like a deceased person’s anticipated future wages, long-term treatment costs, loss of a parent and or intimate partner, and harm to a person’s reputation.

Sometimes, a court will punish a corporation by suspending their business licenses or a wrong driver by revoking their privilege to drive. This type of action by a judge is an example of financial penalty damages awarded.

In many cases, a person could end up receiving more for their injuries than they foresaw. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Five Points can add a complete description of damages to the complaint.

Reach Out to a Five Points Personal Injury Attorney for Help

The time limit to file a personal injury case is two years from the time the injury took place. There are potential exceptions, but you should act quickly and begin understanding your legal rights immediately. Reach out to us anytime to speak with Five Points personal injury lawyer about your case and legal options.

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