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Chances are you possess working knowledge of basic road safety principles. After all, if you own a driver’s license you probably took a written safety test to earn it. How much do you actually know about road safety though? Are you aware what position your hands should be placed at on the steering wheel? Do you know what percent of crashes involve the use of a cell phone?

While road related fatalities continue to decrease year after year, the United States has fallen behind many other countries in terms of road safety. The more you know, the safer you’ll be, which is why the Felix Gonzalez Law Firm has put together a comprehensive road safety quiz.

Can You Rank In The Top 18%?

Take the Felix Gonzalez road quiz to put your road safety knowledge to the test. Roughly 18% of users answer all 15 questions correctly. Will you be in the top 18%? For a true test of your brain power, don’t open any other browsing windows to search for the correct answers. Sadly, cheating doesn’t make you any smarter.


Once every two minutes
Once a day
Once every hour
Three times a day

Drunk driving related crashes occur once every two minutes in the United States. If you’ve been drinking, you shouldn’t be driving.

One car length for every ten miles per hour
Two car lengths
Two seconds behind the driver ahead of you
Doesn’t matter as long as you think you can stop in time

As a general rule, you should remain two seconds behind the driver ahead of you at all times.


It’s estimated approximately 28% of all car crashes in the U.S. involve the use of a cell phone. Remember that before you decide to answer another text behind the wheel.


It’s estimated approximately 30% of all fatal accidents in the U.S. involve speeding. Abide by the speed limit at all times.


Tire blowouts cause 23,000 crashes each year. Check your tires at least once a month.

They’re slowing down
They’re turning right
They’re losing balance
They’re looking for a ride

When a biker signals their right arm up and down it means they are slowing down. Keep an eye out for this signal while driving.

10 and 2 o’clock
11 and 4 o’clock
9 and 3 o’clock
12 and 6 o’clock

You should drive with your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock position. Driving at other positions may cause your hands to injure your face after air bag impact.


A pedestrian should cross your lane plus an additional 6 feet into the next lane (roughly 75% of the crosswalk) before you begin to turn.


Pedestrians account for 14% of all car accident related fatalities. Remember that pedestrians always have the right of way.


Bicyclists account for 2% of all vehicle accident fatalities. Avoid driving in bike lanes and remain vigilant while behind the wheel.

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