Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Seguin

Drivers traveling on state roads and highways must take every precaution and follow the traffic rules to prevent auto accidents. That includes avoiding distractions while behind the wheel. With the rise of smartphones, driver distractions—such as checking social media or sending text messages—continue to be more of a public safety issue.

Despite states nationwide taking action to prevent motorists from texting or other distractions while driving, thousands of people lose their lives each year. You have the right to protect yourself by pursuing financial recovery through a civil lawsuit if another driver’s negligence caused you harm. Speak to a lawyer experienced with distracted driving car accidents in Seguin for more information.

Different Forms of Distractions

Safely operating cars requires every driver’s full attention. Therefore, all forms of distractions are serious risks that often have life-threatening and fatal consequences. The federal public safety agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has conducted many traffic accident studies and determined that three primary forms of motorist distraction exist:

Visual, Manual, and Cognitive

The agency determined that the first group includes visual distractions and anything that diverts the driver’s eyes from the road. Manual distractions are the second type, which requires drivers to remove one or both hands from the steering wheel. The third type of motorist distraction is cognitive, which can happen for many reasons and diverts their attention and mind from driving the vehicle. Examples include daydreaming or conversations on the phone or with passengers.

While each one of these forms of distraction increases the risk of collisions, some actions, such as texting, may require all three and are as dangerous as drunk driving. During an initial consultation, an attorney knowledgeable about distracted driving car crashes in Seguin can answer specific questions about the laws and civil court process.

Cellphone Laws in Texas

Texting while operating any motor vehicle is unlawful in the state of Texas. A person who receives a citation from a police officer will pay steep fines that increase with each ticket.

When reckless motorists text while driving and cause collisions, they could spend up to a year in jail. The Texas Department of Transportation website also provides other cellphone-related regulations for motorists to remember while behind the wheel, including:

  • Laws prohibit new drivers from using hands-free devices for the first six months after obtaining the license
  • It is unlawful for motorists under 18 to use handheld devices without pulling over and stopping in a safe location
  • Never use handheld cell phones while traveling in school zones
  • Using a cell phone while transporting children on school buses is unlawful

Drivers must also keep in mind that there may be additional rules regarding distractions depending on the city. A Seguin lawyer who is familiar with cases involving distracted driving car wrecks can help by investigating what the individual was doing when the event occurred and gathering the proof needed to hold them financially accountable.

A Seguin Car Accident Attorney Holds Distracted Drivers Accountable

While some driver distractions—such as texting—are illegal, there are no specific laws for every distraction. Even so, everyone has a legal obligation to operate their vehicles safely, use caution, and prevent causing harm to others. When carelessness causes a collision, the injured people must hold the negligent drivers responsible for their thoughtless actions while behind the wheel.

A strong understanding of the traffic rules and your rights is the most effective way to protect yourself after a crash. Enlist the help of a lawyer with experience seeking compensation for those injured in distracted driving car accidents in Seguin. Schedule a consultation with an attorney today to discuss your case and review your legal options.

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