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Family-friendly Belton, TX, is a quaint and safe place to live, but the lakes and scenery attract many travelers and with them, an increased risk of auto accidents.

Car accident lawyers at Felix Gonzalez Law Firm represent accident victims in Belton and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to protect victims, guide them through the claims process, and serve justice to the parties at fault.

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Types of Auto Accident Cases We Can Help You With

Car accidents can happen at a moment’s notice, and no two are alike. We handle all types of auto collisions, including:

  • Side-swipes
  • Head-on crashes
  • Distracted driver
  • Intersection accidents
  • Pedestrian v. vehicle
  • Rear-ends
  • Drunk driver

Big or small, your accident matters, and you deserve compensation for your pain, suffering, and property damage.

Common Mistakes: What to Avoid After a Car Accident

In the shock, confusion, and pain that immediately follows a car accident, it can be difficult to keep a clear head and take deliberate action. To help, we’ve created this list of common mistakes to avoid after a car accident, with notes on what to do instead.

Declining emergency medical care.

Getting emergency medical care is essential, even if you don’t feel like you have severe injuries. Many accident injuries, such as whiplash and concussions, may not show themselves for at least 24 hours after the accident, but a medical professional can spot them right away.

Furthermore, an emergency medical report will strengthen your claim. Without it, the insurance company can argue that you weren’t really injured and didn’t take the accident seriously, which can drastically reduce your settlement amount.

Forgetting to contact the police.

The police should be called even for minor accidents. Their report can help us determine fault, provide key evidence, and strengthen your insurance claim.

In fact, if you don’t notify the police with 24 hours, the insurance company may deny your claim altogether.

Failing to document the scene.

This won’t be possible if you’re seriously injured, but if you’re able, you should document the accident scene as best you can to collect evidence.

Take pictures of the vehicles involved, skid-marks, traffic signs, and damage.

Recording statements or admitting fault.

These mistakes can be detrimental to your case. Any recorded statement you make to the insurance company will be used against you. Claims adjusters will deliberately try to convince you to admit fault.

When you report the accident to your insurance company, simply provide the basic facts. Don’t say anything else until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

Filing a claim without legal representation.

Statistics show that accident victims who have legal representation get higher settlement amounts and are more likely to meet a favorable outcome from their claim.

If you attempt to file a claim on your own, the insurance company will take advantage of what you don’t know.


I’ve Already Left the Scene! Now What Should I Do?

If you left the scene, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all is lost, but you must act fast to preserve your rights. You should:

  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Report the accident to your insurance company
  • Contact the police
  • Do NOT admit fault or discuss details
  • Contact a car accident lawyer in Belton, TX, right away

For information on filing a police report in Belton, click here.

Belton, TX, Car Accident Lawyers on Your Side

At the Felix Gonzalez Law Firm, we’re proud to represent car accident victims in Belton’s growing community.

We know exactly what you’re entitled to, what the insurance company’s responsibilities are, and how to make the law work for you. Call us today to get started!